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“Excellency” Symbol of Trust, Flexibility & Exclusivity

Generating Impact through Community Connection

Excellency is a leading investment firm focused on real estate, hotels and education throughout world.

“About Us”…Excellency is a different kind of investment firm. Find out more about us and our team.


A visionary and hands-on leadership guides the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and leads it to future.

“Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.”

"Arun Gee"

Always look ahead build today to achieve tomorrow.

Our mission is to spark meaningful connections for every single person worldwide.

Experience & Professionalism

-Excellency Group continues to grow as an equity firm and as a disrupter with cutting-edge approaches to investments and wealth creation.

Established in 2020, Excellency Group is a private equity investment and management firm holding over $50 million in assets under management across the Globe. We seek to foster growth in the value of each acquisition by implementing ideals of long-term growth, capital efficiency, and productivity. This has allowed us to maximize long-term capital appreciation and offer substantial equity ownership for our partners.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with founders, corporate entities, and other leading industry experts. We manage capital on behalf of institutions and individuals, working primarily with founders, corporate entities, and leading industry experts. Excellency Group has experience working with sovereign wealth funds, corporate pension funds, public pension funds, prominent university endowments, and other financial institutions.

We pride our team for their capabilities in leadership, problem-solving, managing complex transactions, and adding value to every opportunity. Our firm remains focused on expansion, and our team of researchers use their extensive knowledge and expertise to obtain acquisition with a high financial yield. Investors can be confident in their choice of choosing Excellency Group.