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“Excellency” Symbol of Trust, Flexibility & Exclusivity

Generating Impact through Community Connection

Excellency is a leading investment firm focused on real estate, hotels and education throughout world.

“About Us”…Excellency is a different kind of investment firm. Find out more about us and our team.


A visionary and hands-on leadership guides the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and leads it to future.

“Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.”

"Arun Gee"

Always look ahead build today to achieve tomorrow.

Our mission is to spark meaningful connections for every single person worldwide.


Company Name: Arunashi’s LLP
CIN: AAI-3087

“Arunashi’s” meaning sparkler resonates with our entire range of glittering jewelry. Our jewelry is infused with love, care, attention to detail and gigantic vision of our cheerful founder Ashu. We are selling online.

Company Name: Roti’O LLP
CIN: AAJ-0291

Roti'O is a casual restaurant that serves Indian masala food. Currently we are doing our operation from cloud kitchen and deliver online.

Company Name: IIE Institutions LLP
CIN: AAY-6934

Popularly Known as IIE, started as an entrepreneurial vision of spreading educational awareness and providing admission guidance to students based on aptitude, interest, and personality. Our Signature services include Scientific Career Counselling, Admission Guidance, Institutional Promotion & Local Guardian Services.

Company Name: Copy & Paste IT Services (OPC) Private Limited
CIN: U72200DL2016OPC306561

Copy & Paste IT Services the best digital marketing agency, where we provide top-quality Internet marketing services to businesses. We specialize in providing exceptional digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes. As an online marketing agency, we offer various Internet marketing services to help your business succeed online.

Company Name: Three Fingers Entertainment Limited
CIN: U74999DL2016PLC299534

Three Fingers Entertainment Limited is a company that organizes trade shows and exhibitions around the world. We have over 7+years of experience in the event management industry and offer a variety of services, including:

  • Event concept development
  • Event management
  • Exhibition and trade show organization
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Festivals
  • Entertainment events

They work with clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and our goal is to deliver unforgettable events that entertain, communicate, and inspire.

Company Name: 101corporate Strength Services Private Limited
CIN: U74999DL2017PTC321826

101corporate Strength Services Private Limited company that offer a variety of services to assist organizations with managing their workforce. Our services can be a lifesaver for businesses, especially those that are too small to have a dedicated HR department.

Types of Services Offered:
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance
  • Training and Development:
  • HR Consulting

Company Name: HND Ventures Private Limited
CIN: U74999DL2017PTC323578

HND Ventures arm is to invest in new businesses that align with the corporation's strategic goals. We could involve investing in new technologies, entering new markets, or exploring new business models.

Company Name: Capital Varsity Private Limited
CIN: U80903DL2022PTC394601

Capital Varsity Private Limited provides Job-oriented training programs to equip individuals with skills for careers in the financial sector, particularly stock markets and accounting. Our Target Audience is a aspiring stock market professionals, investors, accountants, and individuals seeking careers in finance.

Company Name: (EIRP) Educational & Industrial Resource Provider Private Limited
CIN: U93000DL2013PTC259418

(EIRP) Educational and Industrial Resource Provider (Pvt.) Ltd. offers educational courses, training programs, and certifications. We collaborate with instructors from big companies like IBM and Intel. Our focus seems to be on job-oriented training to enhance students' skills and aid their employment prospects. Our mission is to reduce unemployment by providing job-oriented training and consultancy services to businesses.

Company Name: Robotricks (India) Limited
CIN: U93000DL2015PLC284043

Robotricks offer services in the field of engineering and science also focused on designing, building, operating, and using robots. Robots are machines programmed to perform tasks autonomously or with human control.

Company Name: Tiger Shree Private Limited
CIN: U68100UT2023PTC015556

Tiger Shree Private Limited Build new residential and commercial properties. We acquire land, design and construct buildings (apartments, villas, shopping centers, etc.), and then sell them to individual buyers or businesses.