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“Excellency” Symbol of Trust, Flexibility & Exclusivity

Generating Impact through Community Connection

Excellency is a leading investment firm focused on real estate, hotels and education throughout world.

“About Us”…Excellency is a different kind of investment firm. Find out more about us and our team.


A visionary and hands-on leadership guides the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and leads it to future.

“Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.”

"Arun Gee"

Always look ahead build today to achieve tomorrow.

Our mission is to spark meaningful connections for every single person worldwide.

We’re deeply committed to making a difference. At the Excellency, we believe in conducting our business responsibly, to ensure the wellbeing of our communities and the society we operate in.
Brands that Resonate with Millions.

"New Projects"

Excellency Group is “Finding Paths. Making Impact.” in a diverse range of businesses around the world. We operate in financing and investment, real estate, construction, Hotel, Resort, Oil, Education, and I.T.
Excellency derives its strength from the ‘HANDS-ON’ experience of its personnel backed
by managerial expertise and its versatile Management.

Our Family of Companies

The Excellency Family of Companies is made of over 20+ distinct brands. While each company operates independently, we also work together – sharing information, establishing best practices, and constantly improving – making Excellency the best company in the business – and the best to do business with.

Our Approach.

Underlying all our work, Excellency has three clear principles:


We do not follow the herd and nor are we deliberately contrarian investors. We are fiercely independent and have a successful record of pursuing investments and initiatives we think make sense irrespective of whether or not others are doing the same.


Succeeding in real estate requires consistently good judgment – we achieve this by gathering the best available information and undertaking intensive, proprietary analysis that ensures our decisions are made with as much clarity as possible.


Once we have determined a strategy or investment theme, we pursue it vigorously, relentlessly and with real passion. This approach can be beneficial in achieving your goals and maximizing your chances of success and understand the market trends.

Our Employees range in age from 19 - 60

We are represented by 46 nationalities

Our employees speak over 50 languages

Best Companies to Work for in Asia

Great Achivements

The journey of Excellency has been appreciated through various Awards awarded by recognized and reputed organizations. With the consistent encouragement for the dedication and good work done from various business associations, the company grew leaps and bounds to reach to the heights today.

We Are Brand Builders

We are a combination of companies that help our customers unlock the power of their brands by creating an extraordinary brand experience through every customer and employee engagement.

We are prepared to deliver Excellence in

Our Core Values

Multi-Generation Family-Owned Businesses

(Specialized Investment Expertise Across a Broad Range of Industries and Asset Classes)

Many of our members are multi-generational, family-owned businesses. Some are young companies and some are longer-lived and well-established.